That’s right boys and girls. I’ve started compiling RouterStation Pro OpenWRT nightly builds for all punks who like to live on the edge. From my testing these images are rather stable, and aren’t prone to consistent or serious issues. Since this changes nightly your mileage may vary.

Go get your nightly builds here.

I recently had more time to investigate my earlier problems with the GuruPlug.  The problem was discovered by some people on the forum.  The problem stock U-Boot is that is incorrectly reports the arcNumber.  The solution then, is to upgrade U-boot!

After a failed flashing attempt(don’t attempt to tftp flash u-boot.kwb from within U-Boot!) I needed to use JTAG combined with the included JTAG adapter.  To do this, make sure that the UART cable is unplugged, and the JTAG cable is plugged in(unplug/replug the USB adapter just to be safe). First grab the guruplug-installer package, then grab a known-good copy of U-Boot.

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Some of the OSUOSL employees attended the recent DefCon 18 conference.  One of the more uncommon features was the conference badge.

In addition to being a ticket for entry into the conference,  it’s also a hackable piece of hardware complete with 128×32 LCD screen, and microprocessor.  The source code for the badge is available online.

Corbin Simpson, a developer at the OSU Open Source Lab spent a large portion of his time at the conference developing and uploading new software onto his badge.  His first badge hacking project was to upload new images to show his appreciation for the lab.