Upgrading GuruPlug Kernels

After a failed flashing attempt(don’t attempt to tftp flash u-boot.kwb from within U-Boot!) I needed to use JTAG combined with the included JTAG adapter. To do this, make sure that the UART cable is unplugged, and the JTAG cable is plugged in(unplug/replug the USB adapter just to be safe). First grab the guruplug-installer package, then grab a known-good copy of U-Boot. $ cd Downloads/ $ tar zxvf Guruplug-installer.tar.gz $ cd guruplug-installer $ sudo .

RouterStation Pro OpenWRT upgrade

The RouterStation Pro comes preloaded with a relatively old installation of OpenWRT Kamikaze. Being a sucker for bleeding-edge software, I definitely wanted to check out code from the main Subversion repository to get it up-to-date as far as development goes. Here’s how I did it. bkero@ponderosa ~ $ svn co svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/branches/backfire bkero@ponderosa ~ $ cd backfire bkero@ponderosa ~/backfire $ make menuconfig Now you select some options to specify that we are building an OpenWRT image for a RouterStation Pro: