Modern push notifications with Weechat and NMA

  1. Sign up for an account on  Log in, click on ‘My Account’, then ‘Generate New Key’
  2. Install the NMA Android app (around $3 USD) onto your android device.  Launch the app and login
  3. Install and to $HOME/.weechat/python.
  4. (Optional) Symlink to $HOME/.weechat/python/autoload
  5. In weechat:
/python load python/
/set plugins.var.python.nma.apikey "$myapikey"
  1. (Optional) To inly send notifications when detached from the screen: install and load the, then
/python load python/
/set plugins.var.python.nma.only_away on

Now you too can be harassed by inane IRC highlights no matter where in the world you are!  Thankfully, the NMA Android app has a ‘quiet hours’ in case you’d rather not be woken up in the middle of the night.