Thanks for the idea. I’ve added some links for items like you suggested.

I usually bring a small throwaway t-shirt or obtain an inexpensive one locally. The one you reference reminds me of the lightweight Icebreaker Anatomica, which I found to be too revealing in underneath detail (not shape). Is it part of a dedicated sporting outfit that you wear separately from your travel/casual clothes?

I’ve never had to carry a belt because my pants have fit nicely each time, but I understand the use and utility of carrying one. Sometimes I get the idea that a belt made of paracord that could be used in an emergency would be useful. The texture of the material on this belt looks rough. I’m afraid that over the course of a day it would chaff my hips raw.

I carry two pair of the same earplugs too. I’ve only needed them once but was very glad that I had them. I backed the Hush [1] Kickstarter campaign, but fear that they won’t be appropriate for ultra-lightweight travel.

How have you found the socks? Does the calf portion tend to ride down around your ankles? The nice thing about wool socks is that when they get wet, they will still keep your feet warm. Unfortunately like all socks, they’re pretty nasty until they get a proper washing. How do these do on anti-odor and time-between washings?

I hope your equipment continues to serve you well. 🙂 Have fun on the adventures!