I know this reply is delayed, but I hope it helps if you find it again.

You’re going to want to find to find a diagram called a pinout for the M.2 slot. From there it should be obvious which pins are for PCI Express, and which are for USB. From there you’ll use something like scotch tape (sellotape in the UK) to cover those pins. Keep in mind if you do this while the machine is off, you’ll get complaints about a PCI Express whitelist. So the thing to do is to power off your laptop, remove the card, tape the card’s PCI Express pins, boot your system, then swap the card in. Then you’ll need to figure out how to change your card’s USB ID to one that’s present in the BIOS whitelist.

As for what will work in SEA, just find out which LTE channels your carrier is using (it should be listed on their site or wikipedia), then compare that against the channels that the card supports. LTE changed the name of bands (like 1900MHz) to an equivalent simple number, such as LTE Channel 4.