Trying out RemixOS

I’ve always been one for trying out new operating systems, so when I heard news about the latest desktop-conversion effort from Jide I wanted to give it a try. RemixOS is a proprietary offering based on the work of android-x86, which aims to bring the stock Android experience to commodity PCs. RemixOS adds on interface and convenience changes to make the operating system more usable on PC hardware. This includes UI changes such as multi-windows and a classic ‘desktop’.

Finding the perfect ancillary travel device

As would be familiar to anybody who knows me, I’m always interested in new tech, especially when it’s running free software and portable enough to be in my every-day carry arsenal. For the past month or so I’ve been looking at a few devices as a secondary to my laptop to carry with me. In a few weeks I’ll be joining those already there at third installment of Hackerbeach, on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

Modern push notifications with Weechat and NMA

Sign up for an account on Log in, click on ‘My Account’, then ‘Generate New Key’ Install the NMA Android app (around $3 USD) onto your android device. Launch the app and login Install and to $HOME/.weechat/python. (Optional) Symlink to $HOME/.weechat/python/autoload In weechat: /python load python/ /set plugins.var.python.nma.apikey "$myapikey" (Optional) To inly send notifications when detached from the screen: install and load the, then /python load python/screen_away.

IRSSI Push notifications to GNOME desktop and Android device

IRSSI configuration Install these scripts into $HOME/.irssi/scripts (and symlink it in $HOME/.irssi/scripts/autorun) to have them autoloaded when IRSSI starts. Android configuration Sign up for a notifo account, download the android app, and sign in with it. Make note of the username and API key, as you’ll be configuring irssi to use them. You’ll be loading the scripts in IRSSI and setting 2 notifo parameters: /script load /script load socketnotify.